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Kids and Diabetes in Schools (Project KiDS)

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  • To foster a safe and supportive school environment for children with diabetes to manage their diabetes and avoid discrimination
  • To raise awareness about diabetes and the benefits of healthy diets and physical activities among school-age children


  • Project KiDS was initiated with the feasibility study including in-depth interviews with key stakeholders in India to assess challenges and opportunities to address the management of T1DM (Type 1 Diabetes) and prevention of T2DM (Type 2 Diabetes), in school settings, using a multi-sectorial approach.
  • The School Diabetes Information Pack was also disseminated online(http://www.idf.org/education/kids). An interactive online platform was created on Facebook -‘Caring for Diabetes’ (www.facebook.com/youthforhealth) to encourage parents and caregivers to join and exchange experiences which had over 13k members in the first phase of the project.


  • Teachers and parents of kids with and without diabetes gained new knowledge from the KiDS training and pack; felt more confident in assisting children with diabetes; helped in improved diabetes management skills
  • The findings supported the scaling-up of Project KiDS across India through the engagement of multiple stakeholders for school-based diabetes management and prevention.

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