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HRIDAY was awarded the WHO Director General’s Award for contributions to tobacco control.

Recognized as ‘A 2010 Case for Prevention and Finalist for the Louise Lown Heart Hero Award’ by ProCor, a program of the Lown Cardiovascular Research Foundation.

Studies and programs led by HRIDAY have been successful in bringing about positive changes in health related behaviours among adults, children and adolescents as well as provided research evidence to support strong public health policies. Several honors and awards had been received in past for the work HRIDAY has undertaken, few of which are listed below


  • Recognized as ‘A 2010 Case for Prevention and Finalist for the Louise Lown Heart Hero Award’ by ProCor, a program of the Lown Cardiovascular Research Foundation.
  • Global Health Council’s Award for Best Practices in Global Health 2011.
  • Dr. Monika Arora, Executive Director, HRIDAY, was also conferred the Dr. Prem Menon Outstanding Service Award by World-India Diabetes Foundation (WIDF) in recognition of contributions to the education and prevention of diabetes among children in India in January 2018.
  • Dr. Monika Arora, Executive Director, HRIDAY, was awarded with ‘Exceptional Women of Excellence Award’ by Women Economic Forum in April 2018.


  • Advocacy campaigns undertaken by HRIDAY have led to adoption of healthy living habits among youth, especially in the area of tobacco avoidance.
  • HRIDAY’s programmes and advocacy efforts have initiated setting up of ‘Tobacco-Free Schools, Tobacco-Free Homes, Tobacco-Free Communities’ as well as Tobacco-Free jurisdictions across the country.
  • HRIDAY has been organizing Global Youth Meet (GYM) on health since 2006 providing a platform to national and international participants across the world to discuss and debate on various issues relevant for health promotion including tobacco control. GYM had been convened by HRIDAY in 2006, 2009, 2015 and 2020.
  • Youth-led health activism, facilitated by HRIDAY has been able to launch a global campaign, Y4H- (Youth for Health) with members from across the world.
  • HRIDAY handled two National Institute of Health (NIH)- RO1 grants for conducting two big studies, MYTRI 2002-06 (Mobilizing Youth for Tobacco Related Initiatives in India) and ACTIVITY 2007-2011 (Advancing Cessation of Tobacco in Vulnerable Indian Tobacco Consuming Youth). These studies helped HRIDAY develop the first ever intervention model for tobacco use prevention among youth in India.
  • HRIDAY’s tobacco control interventions have been scientifically evaluated and a positive impact of these interventions was observed cbdtop.club on the onset of tobacco use, among students, wherein the intervention group showed a lower than anticipated rise in proportion of students experimenting smoking.
  • The success of project MYTRI and ACTIVITY have led to introduction of tobacco control in school health programmes, as part of the National Tobacco Control Programme (NTCP).