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Capacity Building of Adolescents and Youth as advocates for Health

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To build the capacity of adolescents and youth (aged 15-30 years) as advocates for their health along with their meaningful engagements in various youth-led activities for:

  • Imparting leadership and communication skills among adolescents and youth to equip them for strengthening the youth-led regional and national actions
  • Providing support to conceptualize and implement theme-specific campaigns on health at national level


  • Nomination of Adolescents and youths (2/ country) to become “Health Champions”
  • Training of the nominated participants using the UNICEF Youth Advocacy Guide
  • Trained health champions to establish National Hub and train minimum 40 young people in their
  • Country level Action plan to be developed and submitted to Regional Hub (HRIDAY and SYAN)
  • Opportunities to implement selected country level action plans and submission of the case studies


  • Capacitating Health Champion to become young advocates to lead regional and national action plans for adolescent health
  • Strengthening meaningful involvement of adolescents and youth people in the adolescent health programs and implementation of youth-led activities