HRIDAY has a history of working in communities to understand their health concerns and priorities to address them through evidence based strategies and interventions.

For example: Project ACTIVITY (Advancing Cessation of Tobacco in Vulnerable Indian Tobacco Consuming Youth) successfully imparted steps towards a healthy lifestyle, which led to the reduction and prevention of tobacco use behaviour among communities.


Students are one of the key stakeholders for HRIDAY. In fact, we have been working with students for more than two decades through more than 300 schools based in 15 Indian states, including Delhi - NCR. Programmes like Students Parliament, KiDS (Kids and Diabetes in School), MYTRI (Mobilizing Youth for Tobacco Related Initiatives) have been effective interventions in promoting good health and lifestyle.

In keeping with the age of technology, digital platforms like Youth for Health (Y4H) has been a major achievement in continued building and nurturing network of youth advocates for sustainable health across the globe.


HRIDAY identifies school teachers as important partners for sustainable implementation and building of knowledge. As a critical component of each project, HRIDAY works to build the capacities of teachers to sustain knowledge delivery for healthy lifestyle, beyond the life of a project.

Law Enforcers

HRIDAY recognises that engaging with law enforcers is vital in the development and implementation of public policy for an informed, healthy, and sustainable society.

In collaboration with partners, HRIDAY has extensively built capacity of law enforcers for effective enforcement of the Indian Tobacco Control law, Cigarettes and Other Tobacco Products Act, 2003 (COTPA), across the country.

Civil Society Organisations

HRIDAY has convened various national alliances and networks of Civil Society Organisations with similar objectives and beliefs. Alliances such as Doctors for Tobacco Control in India (DFTCI), Advocacy Forum for Tobacco Control (AFTC), Healthy India Alliance (HIA) and India Network for NCD and Youth (INNY) have leveraged efforts towards sustainable health and development globally.

Policy Makers

HRIDAY works closely with the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare, Government of India and other ministries to contribute in strengthening regulations under COTPA for advancing tobacco control in the country.


Media is an important partner at HRIDAY. Our activities, policy briefs, events, reports, campaigns, and other resources are disseminated through digital and social media platforms.

Academic Institutes

Strategic collaborations with national and international academic institutes have enabled HRIDAY to develop and apply research evidence for strengthen policies for the prevention and control of non-communicable diseases.

Multi-Lateral Partners

HRIDAY works in close collaboration with multilateral partners such as: the World Health Organization - Headquarters, South East Asia Regional Office and Country Office for India; the WHO Global Coordination Mechanism on the Prevention and Control of Noncommunicable Diseases; the Partnership for Maternal, Newborn & Child Health (WHO) and United Nation Development Programme (UNDP).


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