Card Jodo Aur Jano Tobacco Ki Asliyat

About the Game: 
There are 72 cards (36 pairs) in the game. Each card has different tobacco related information. Information present on each card should be paired with the correct card to make the information complete. The main aim of the game is that players have to pair the cards correctly as soon as possible.

The objective of the game is to learn about ill effects of tobacco, benefits of not using tobacco, and the tobacco control act.

Age Group: 
6-19 years

1 or more than 1
Card Jodo Aur Jano Tambaku ki Asliyat

Environment Awareness Board Games

Enviro 1
Enviro 2
Enviro 3 Board Game
About the Game: 
Enviro is a game designed to sensitize children about the environment. It is an info pack on various environmental issues presented in an enjoyable and challenging way that follows the playway principle of learning. The game intends to make the children understand various environmental problems and also make them aware of possible solutions. Each game has 3 kinds of info cards: General cards, Info cards, Questionnaire cards.

To sensitize children about various environmental issues and to make them aware that they can bring about a positive change.

Age Group: 
10-13 years

2-4 players, a class in a school setup, members of the family or in a social gathering.


About the Game: 
Mytri-Opoly game box which includes 1 game board, 3 sets of game cards (Challenge, Family & Friends and Community cards) is designed to give students the opportunity to know about the negative health and social effects of tobacco use. It also introduces some of the negative economic and environmental effects that the production, sale and consumption of tobacco can cause.

To review the negative health effects of tobacco use, the negative social consequences of tobacco use, and also the negative economic effects of tobacco use, the negative environmental effects of tobacco use.

Age Group: 
11-14 years

Each small working group will be led by one of these of Peer Leaders.


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